We enable innovation with our products and services.

We help you execute your innovation activities

We are a group of global innovation experts and leading companies that believe in the impact of innovation on your business success. Our tools and services enable corporates and startups to accelerate their business ideas in a successful and sustainable way.

Innovation Strategy

Every client is unique. We assess your innovation readiness and build a customized innovation strategy with and for you.

Innovation Impact

Innovation is not only about developing new products. Its also about solving challenges, increasing efficiency and creating new revenue streams. We improve your long-term competitiveness in the market.

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Innovation Tools

Our products and tools guide corporates and startups from business ideas to success.

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Innovation Strategy

Innovation is everywhere and there are hundreds of approaches that might lead you to success. We developed a framework that helps you to come up with the right innovation strategy to reach your vision. Together with selected stakeholders we look at the bigger picture, define goals and analyze your status quo in order to design the perfect innovation model for you.

  • Innovation readiness check
  • Validated workshop format
  • Learn from best practice examples
  • Works with all verticals
  • Minimize risk with established innovation models
  • Benefit from our experience
  • We worked with more than 2000 innovation teams
  • Build scalable and repeatable innovation processes

Providing Confidential Solutions to Your R&D Challenges

We give you access to a worldwide network of experts, thought leaders and industry veterans. By getting access to these brilliant minds outside of your company, you will be able to solve technical problems, break development bottlenecks and find technologies faster and more efficiently than your competition.

  • Pay only for success
  • Secure Confidentiality
  • Fixed cost innovation
  • 2-8 solutions in 12 weeks
Scouting World

Startup & Technology Scouting

We believe in the combination of startup agility and corporate power. Startups need infrastructure, access to markets and know-how, while corporates need new products and services to stay competitive. We are able to reach into many corners of the world – into small emerging companies, university labs, etc. We find the perfect startups and technologies in your search field.

  • Beyond digital search
  • All verticals & industries
  • Large startup database
  • 2,000+ applications worldwide
  • Huge network of multipliers

Workshops and training programs

With a focus on lean and open innovation, this program provides practical tools and frameworks for building business capabilities that can succeed today’s market competition.

Through real-world examples and best-practice methods, you will learn how to embed lean and open innovation processes within your organization taking full potential of your ecosystem and how to turn an idea into a product or service following a lean and agile innovation process.

  • Modular (2-7 days) training program especially designed for top management
  • Learn about best-practice methods and use cases
  • Visit innovation and technology centers in a compact learning journey to Europe
  • Expert talks

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